ZMM Architects and Engineers, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, and the University of Charleston are sponsoring the “Making the Business Case for Sustainability” conference.

 The conference will be held from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Thursday, August 5,2010 in the Erma Byrd Gallery, which is located in Riggleman Hall at the University of Charleston. The purpose of the conference will be to examine opportunities to link social, economic, and environmental actions to building, manufacturing, and operational performance.

Please email your contact information to tickets@zmm.com to request a ticket for the event (maximum of 2 tickets per person).



TakeCare WV, a partner of the Center for Civic Life Institute, has created a number of PSAs (Public Service Announcements) pushing a strong message of the medical danger and criminal punishment when prescription drugs are shared.

Check out the PSAs here.

-From 2001-2006, approximately 97% of unintentional poisoning deaths in WV involved drugs or alcohol rather than other noxious substances.

-In 2006, 93.2% of the WV’s 295 fatal overdoses involved prescription pain medication.

Most prescription drug abusers obtain their drugs from family and friends. In WV, 64% nonmedical users of pain relievers reported getting the most recently used drug from a friend or relative for free, and another 7.6% reported buying them from a friend or relative.

Sharing prescription drugs is illegal. Prescription drugs are controlled substances and may NOT be dispensed without a written prescription from a practitioner.

The West Virginia Grantmakers Association, in partnership with the West Virginia Community Development Hub, will be hosting a series of meetings in June to explore the creation of a statewide non-profit association, and they are encouraging non-profit organizations of all sizes to attend one of the meetings.
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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a non-profit organization formed by Dolly Parton to allow children between the ages birth to five access to books.  A child is mailed one book a month until the age of five. 

Over twenty counties in West Virginia have implented the program and now Harrison County is another to the list.  Sign your child up today, it’s FREE!

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The West Virginia Community Development Hub is excited to announce the newest addition to it’s staff.

The West Virginia Jazz Society (WVJS) and Bridgeport Conference Center announce the second musical event in the popular “Jazz at Charles Pointe” series, the Appalachian Jazz Weekend (AJW).  

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